Dead Week and Finals as Told by Andy Bernard

Not that the other “Finals Weeks as Told By…” are bad, I just didn’t think they truly encapsulated the feelings we’re all experiencing that my favorite office character describes perfectly.

1. Realizing next week is finals:

2. Filling out course evals for your fave prof has you like:


3. When group project members feed you this lie:


4. And you end up doing all the work:



5. When your friends tell you they only have group projects as finals and you’re over here writing seven papers and studying for twelve exams but you gotta act like you’re happy for them:


6. Sitting down to write those seven papers:tumblr_o39olfTHup1rm62hfo2_500.gif


7. You end up calling your mom to cry everyday when all your motivation is gone.


8. When your professors assign last minute pop-up assignments and the whole class starts conspiring how to get out of it:


9. When your friends suggest having a “study party”:


10. Trying to write a paper on something you spent weeks learning about in class but know absolutely nothing about *cough KOREA cough*:


11. When someone suggests a study break, you accept the invitation.  ALWAYS. No matter the time or how much work you still have to do.  


12. Pulling your first all-nighter ever and trying to keep your eyes open at 3 am: 


13. When people ask “hows it goin?” and this is your only response:


14. Losing your place in your presentation and stumbling to recover:


15. Shutting your laptop to take a break and then immediately re-opening because you have no time and a billion jillion things to do: tumblr_nynqnntRrz1u4l63jo3_540.png

16. Realizing you’re half a point away from the next letter grade and emailing your profs begging for that little bump:tumblr_nlhi3ihlFa1rynk4uo1_500.gif

17. Accepting the fact that you’ll be locked away in your room studying for the next 96 hours and eating nothing but gummy bears:


19. Making backup plans jussstttt in case things don’t work out:tumblr_nvtcbrADEu1royihno2_250-1.gif

20. Writing the short answers/essay questions on the finals: 


21. Crushing that final you thought you were most definitely going to fail:


22. Walking out of that last test and realizing you are completely free for the next three months:



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