7 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Welcome to the blogosphere! Here are some tips for you newbies to make blogging as painless and fun as possible.  Lets get  down to business.  tumblr_nhwa4hDgK01sfs7lqo2_500.gif

1. Put a Unique Spin on Your Posts

Some of the topics are kinda boring, but by adding your own personalized twist to the subject makes its so much more fun to write.  Try looking at stories from different angles and then adding your own commentary/zest to it.  Make your posts exude your personality.  It also makes it much more fun to read!



See those spelling and comma errors you have there? FIX THEM! Misspellings and grammar issues are unprofessional and take away credibility.  Think about correct spellings and comma placements.  When in doubt, spellcheck it out.  Clean it up.  Don’t be Ted Mosby.


3. Use Gifs

Everyone loves them.  Including me.  I love gifs as much as Leo loves his Oscar. tumblr_n1qv61U7ZU1qcnhxqo1_500.gif

4. Have an Open Mind

Sure, you may not find blogging about another blog to be interesting or amusing, but by look at it from different angles, I’m sure you’ll find some aspect that you like.  You may start out thinking that blogging is not going to be for you, but by the end of the semester, you’ll definitely miss it.


5. Use Relatable Topics

People don’t want to read something they don’t understand or relate to.  Connect to your readers.


6. Use Lists

Everyone loves lists.  Channel your inner Buzzfeed writer and get to listing.  Lists also happen to be easier to read than paragraphs and chapters. But don’t make them too long.


7. Brainstorm Before You Write

When you aren’t enthusiastic about the topic, it comes across in your writing.  Getting multiple ideas down on paper before you head to your computer is one way to ensure that you are excited about your upcoming post.  Brainstorming also helps to connect ideas and present them in a creative manner.  Write it all down.  The most off the wall topics are often the most entertaining to read!



So get out there and get blogging! I can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes you!!



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