Id Do a Cartwheel for Target’s Cartwheel

I don’t think there are many things in life that I love more than I love Target.  Not guacamole, not sloths, not even peeps (and I really love peeps).  I make a Target trip at least once if not twice a week for various necessities (…yes peeps count as necessities).  My friends seem to think I forget things so I have an excuse to go back later on in the week (and they’re right).  I’m always taking screenshots of Target coupons and taking pictures of prices in store, so when I first learned about Target’s new app Cartwheel, I couldn’t hit that download button faster.

2016-04-11 18-58-33 -0400.jpg

According to Target, “Cartwheel offers another fun and easy way to save money at Target and bridges the in-store experience with social technology to help our guests discover and share personalized deals and inspiration with their friends.”

I tested out Cartwheel this past weekend on a spur of the moment grocery/jean jacket run. In one had I had my grocery list, the other my trusty iPhone loaded up with the Cartwheel app and ready to reap in the discounts!



At first, the app is a little confusing and its kind of hard to find specific discounts for specific products as the app only displays the current week’s sales ad and random in store only surprise discounts.  But once you really figure out how to navigate the system, its super easy to use and super handy!  While shopping, you can scan barcodes to see if any deals come up, and lemme tell you its super exciting when that little ping chimes out on a product you really hoped had some sale going on.


Obviously, the app isn’t going to replace those extreme couponers, but being a broke college student, its super helpful to find discounts on some of your typical day to day groceries.  The best deals were in the toys and home goods sections which would totally make the app worth downloading if you were a parent.  I think the only thing I would change about the app is the navigation system.  Its a little buggy and sometimes will bring you to totally unrelated products.  I’d also maybe include a clearance section incase one of your favorite products happens to be on its way out and you don’t catch that deal before its gone forever.  But otherwise Cartwheel is definitely a keeper and something I will definitely continue to use in the future!


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