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Continually Connected

We live in a world where literally everyone is connected at all times. ¬†Where a friend in Maui can snapchat¬†a friend in Boston and receive a reply in a matter of seconds. ¬†Where a girl from a small town can have a conversation with her favorite author who lives halfway across the globe. ¬†Where a Grandma can skype her Granddaughter who is hundreds of miles away at school. ¬†We live in a world where we don’t have to worry about¬†keeping address books updated or look up a phone number in the phonebook. ¬†Instead, we live in a world where everyone¬†continually connected together by technology.

As I headed off to school last August, I grew increasingly concerned about keeping in contact with my friends from back home. ¬†I had no doubt my best friend and I would keep up (our snap streak is currently 225 days), but I¬†knew I had the tools to keep the people important to me close, thanks to social media and messaging apps and that if I wanted to keep in touch I had to use them. ¬†If it weren’t for these tools, I honestly think I wouldn’t still talk to some people. ¬†It just makes it so much easier to communicate with each other. ¬†Gone are the days of telegrams and letters. ¬†Today, a quick text is all you need. ¬†I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t send something to my three best friends. We share what we’re doing, crying over, and complain to eachother 24/7. ¬†We’ve even binged watched Fuller House together over skype. ¬†Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.34.10 AM

(Lexi knows about my entire life despite being over 900 miles away)

Over Spring Break, I must’ve¬†sent over 500 Snaps, texts, tweets, and facebook posts to my group of friends from school. ¬†It was practically like we weren’t even apart despite the hundreds of miles that sat between us. ¬†I feel very privileged¬†to have these tools avaliable to us to keep us together when we are in three different states. ¬†I’m thankful that I don’t have to send cheesey jokes via the pony express and await a response for weeks on end. ¬†I’d go crazy. ¬†I forget what I sent on snapchat three minutes ago, how in the world could I go three weeks without remembering what I sent!


Im also very grateful for the opportunity social media technology has given me to reconnect with old friends. ¬†After Junior year, I lost touch with one of my really good friends as we both were leading super busy lives: she was swimming 40 hours a week, and i was running our DECA chapter. On a random Thursday, I received a notification that it was her birthday. ¬†Of course I sent her a quick little note followed up with a direct message asking if she wanted to meet up for frozen yogurt to catch up. ¬†We met up later that night and laughed until we cried over random stories. ¬†I’m so very very thankful that¬†we could reconnect through facebook! Who knows, without it we would’ve never talked again and we would both completely lose an amazing friendship.

I¬†frequently take for granted all that social media and technology has done for communication. ¬†I feel so so lucky to be able to communicate with my friends with just a click of a button and for allowing me to be with them even when I’m hundreds of miles away. ¬†It’s a true blessing to be continually connected.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Gifs on Social Media

I’m no stranger to using gifs in my social media, text messages, or emails (don’t believe me ask my DM team and my last blog post). ¬†I just find them to be a creative and funny way to add some humor to your online presence and stir up a little fun online! ¬†(Also they remind me of wizard photographs in Harry Potter which makes me love them even more). ¬†But enough about why I use gifs, lets talk about why¬†YOU¬†should be using them!

  1. They’re Easy to Share and Consume

They’re animated unlike normal photographs and shorter and easier than inserting a video.


2. They’re Funny!¬†

Good humor spreads quickly and goes viral fast!


3. They’re trendy. ¬†‘Nuff said


4. They enable you to connect with your followers in a new way and convey emotions much better than photos.  

There is a reaction gif for literally EVERYTHING.



(I connect with this gif on an emotional, spiritual, and personal level.)

5. They’re easy to find and use


6. Movement attracts attention. 

Its kinda like the shiny thing.  It moves and captures your attention.

635779523548271692-72022075_don't look at me.gif

7. Not that many people use them.  Stand out!



(Get on it while its cool)

8. They add a little personality to your content. 

Sure, your page is your own, but with gifs, they’re even more your own!


9. They’re universal! Everyone can relate to a good gif.¬†

I’m sure we’ve all felt like this at one point or another.


10. ¬†Because they’re just plain funny as heck!

Show me one person who didn’t laugh at this. ¬†Thats right. ¬†Its impossible.


So yeah! Next time you make a post, try to include a gif. ¬†It’ll be a unique, clever, and trendy way to communicate with your followers and friends.