My Social Media Use Feat. Ryan Reynolds Gifs

To say that I am a social media addict is quite an understatement. I’m on it practically every waking moment of my day. I’m constantly checking my Twitter feed, tumblr dashboard, Instagram, and Snapchat. I’ve gotten to a point where I can have three different conversations with the same person at the same time on different platforms. My top three most used social media platforms are Tumblr, Twitter, and Snapchat

Holy guacamole! Tumblr is by far my favorite social media site ever since I signed up in 2012.  My blog has literally been a diary of all my pop culture obsessions since then. It’s seen my obsessive marvel comics phase, my defend pop punk and band appreciation phase, and the cringe worthy Sherlock days *shudders*. I spend roughly 85% of my social media time on tumblr either scrolling through my dashboard or checking out my tracked tags.  Ever since they redesigned the dashboard functions, I’ve primarily used the mobile app enabling me to reblog cute pictures of sloths, pizza, or rare pepes from virtually everywhere.  My blog allows me to have my own corner of the internet where I can truly represent who I am and what my interests are. The only thing it’s missing is an autotagging feature. You have to individually add tags to a post to organize your blog and add comments that won’t be seen on the original reblogged post. I’d like to be able to blog without having to manually add tags to each of my posts (usually around 210 a day). But that won’t stop me from using it. Tumblr has practically become part of my identity. If I could, I would marry Tumblr for sure.


(“We’re practically married already” -my blog probably)


I’ll admit it.  I was kind of late on the twitter bandwagon, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with it.  I’m not a “Hey Im doing this cool thing” Twitter user.  I use Twitter for everything: expressing my emotions, documenting life changing experiences, trying (and failing) to get celebrities to notice me, and talking about tv shows.  I find myself using both the web based platform and the mobile platform equally and extremely often.  I think I check my feed like three times an hour.  Honestly, the only thing I would change about Twitter is switching out the like button for the favorite button.  This is twitter not facebook.  And also, no shame, I kind of love to watch the subtweets and drama go down.


(I saw that subtweet OUCH)


Going to school over 9 hours away from your best friend is the worst.  I mean yeah, we have so many ways to communicate, but we don’t get to see eachother everyday.  But with snapchat, we can!  I love sending snaps to my friends with horrible captions, faces, and doodles.  I have zero chill with Snapchat and am not afraid to double, no, triple snap you.  My Snapscore is over 50,000 and my highest streak is over 190, so you could definitely say I spend quite a big chunk on time on the app.  I just wish their “facetiming” feature was a little more developed and you didn’t have to keep your finger on the screen.  To me, Snapchat is like this gif of Ryan Reynolds and a puppy, where I am Ryan Reynolds and my friend’s snaps are the puppy.  There is no difference.  tumblr_lof9uaSWJU1qbet6no1_r1_500.gif

If you ever need to find me, try contacting me on one of these social media sites first.


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