Comment #1

Genuinely Trying to Be More Interesting by Alison Lea


“I really like the tip about using quotes too! I think you can find some really good ones to relate to the content of each post and they’ll definitely help to reel readers in! Elena’s tips are really helpful and I can totally see myself following them too.”

Comment #2

Social Media Haze by Miss Haley Jean


“I totally agree that we create our ideal image online and distort other’s views to have them look at us more favorably. (Also the Spongebob Gif is literally me 24/7)”

Comment #3

Social Media Overload by Whitney Misfeldt


“I use twitter in much the same way! Sometimes I use it as a pillow to scream in on the internet or a way to talk to a celebrity I would normally never have the opportunity to. I also use pintrest in a similar manner. I spend little stints of time sporadically searching for crafting or art inspiration to get inspirations for really cool diys.”

Comment #4

10 Signs You’re a Public Relations Major by Griffin Rasche


“This made me laugh so hard because its completely true! The gifs are literally me while pursuing my degree! And don’t worry, #1 is me every single time I go home and explain to friends/family/everyone else.”


Comment #5

Top 5 Ways to Use Your PR Skills to Get Closer To Your Crush by MacKenzie Taylor

“I LOVE this post! I’m definitely guilty of being super duper awkward around my crush and I never thought I could apply what I was learning in class to my social life! I’ll definitely take the “proofread your life” tip to heart and start to edit my life so I don’t sound as incredibly awkward ever again!”


Comment #6

Its Time to Stop Blaming Millennials by Moira S.

“I LOVE this post! I get so much criticism from my grandparents about how dependant we are on technology and its definitely a product of our time. You nailed it and put all my thoughts into words.”


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