Dead Week and Finals as Told by Andy Bernard

Not that the other “Finals Weeks as Told By…” are bad, I just didn’t think they truly encapsulated the feelings we’re all experiencing that my favorite office character describes perfectly.

1. Realizing next week is finals:

2. Filling out course evals for your fave prof has you like:


3. When group project members feed you this lie:


4. And you end up doing all the work:



5. When your friends tell you they only have group projects as finals and you’re over here writing seven papers and studying for twelve exams but you gotta act like you’re happy for them:


6. Sitting down to write those seven papers:tumblr_o39olfTHup1rm62hfo2_500.gif


7. You end up calling your mom to cry everyday when all your motivation is gone.


8. When your professors assign last minute pop-up assignments and the whole class starts conspiring how to get out of it:


9. When your friends suggest having a “study party”:


10. Trying to write a paper on something you spent weeks learning about in class but know absolutely nothing about *cough KOREA cough*:


11. When someone suggests a study break, you accept the invitation.  ALWAYS. No matter the time or how much work you still have to do.  


12. Pulling your first all-nighter ever and trying to keep your eyes open at 3 am: 


13. When people ask “hows it goin?” and this is your only response:


14. Losing your place in your presentation and stumbling to recover:


15. Shutting your laptop to take a break and then immediately re-opening because you have no time and a billion jillion things to do: tumblr_nynqnntRrz1u4l63jo3_540.png

16. Realizing you’re half a point away from the next letter grade and emailing your profs begging for that little bump:tumblr_nlhi3ihlFa1rynk4uo1_500.gif

17. Accepting the fact that you’ll be locked away in your room studying for the next 96 hours and eating nothing but gummy bears:


19. Making backup plans jussstttt in case things don’t work out:tumblr_nvtcbrADEu1royihno2_250-1.gif

20. Writing the short answers/essay questions on the finals: 


21. Crushing that final you thought you were most definitely going to fail:


22. Walking out of that last test and realizing you are completely free for the next three months:



7 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

Welcome to the blogosphere! Here are some tips for you newbies to make blogging as painless and fun as possible.  Lets get  down to business.  tumblr_nhwa4hDgK01sfs7lqo2_500.gif

1. Put a Unique Spin on Your Posts

Some of the topics are kinda boring, but by adding your own personalized twist to the subject makes its so much more fun to write.  Try looking at stories from different angles and then adding your own commentary/zest to it.  Make your posts exude your personality.  It also makes it much more fun to read!



See those spelling and comma errors you have there? FIX THEM! Misspellings and grammar issues are unprofessional and take away credibility.  Think about correct spellings and comma placements.  When in doubt, spellcheck it out.  Clean it up.  Don’t be Ted Mosby.


3. Use Gifs

Everyone loves them.  Including me.  I love gifs as much as Leo loves his Oscar. tumblr_n1qv61U7ZU1qcnhxqo1_500.gif

4. Have an Open Mind

Sure, you may not find blogging about another blog to be interesting or amusing, but by look at it from different angles, I’m sure you’ll find some aspect that you like.  You may start out thinking that blogging is not going to be for you, but by the end of the semester, you’ll definitely miss it.


5. Use Relatable Topics

People don’t want to read something they don’t understand or relate to.  Connect to your readers.


6. Use Lists

Everyone loves lists.  Channel your inner Buzzfeed writer and get to listing.  Lists also happen to be easier to read than paragraphs and chapters. But don’t make them too long.


7. Brainstorm Before You Write

When you aren’t enthusiastic about the topic, it comes across in your writing.  Getting multiple ideas down on paper before you head to your computer is one way to ensure that you are excited about your upcoming post.  Brainstorming also helps to connect ideas and present them in a creative manner.  Write it all down.  The most off the wall topics are often the most entertaining to read!



So get out there and get blogging! I can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes you!!


Id Do a Cartwheel for Target’s Cartwheel

I don’t think there are many things in life that I love more than I love Target.  Not guacamole, not sloths, not even peeps (and I really love peeps).  I make a Target trip at least once if not twice a week for various necessities (…yes peeps count as necessities).  My friends seem to think I forget things so I have an excuse to go back later on in the week (and they’re right).  I’m always taking screenshots of Target coupons and taking pictures of prices in store, so when I first learned about Target’s new app Cartwheel, I couldn’t hit that download button faster.

2016-04-11 18-58-33 -0400.jpg

According to Target, “Cartwheel offers another fun and easy way to save money at Target and bridges the in-store experience with social technology to help our guests discover and share personalized deals and inspiration with their friends.”

I tested out Cartwheel this past weekend on a spur of the moment grocery/jean jacket run. In one had I had my grocery list, the other my trusty iPhone loaded up with the Cartwheel app and ready to reap in the discounts!



At first, the app is a little confusing and its kind of hard to find specific discounts for specific products as the app only displays the current week’s sales ad and random in store only surprise discounts.  But once you really figure out how to navigate the system, its super easy to use and super handy!  While shopping, you can scan barcodes to see if any deals come up, and lemme tell you its super exciting when that little ping chimes out on a product you really hoped had some sale going on.


Obviously, the app isn’t going to replace those extreme couponers, but being a broke college student, its super helpful to find discounts on some of your typical day to day groceries.  The best deals were in the toys and home goods sections which would totally make the app worth downloading if you were a parent.  I think the only thing I would change about the app is the navigation system.  Its a little buggy and sometimes will bring you to totally unrelated products.  I’d also maybe include a clearance section incase one of your favorite products happens to be on its way out and you don’t catch that deal before its gone forever.  But otherwise Cartwheel is definitely a keeper and something I will definitely continue to use in the future!

Twitter Scavenger Hunt 2k16!

(Thanks Bizzie & Lauren)

(Same Jenna, Same)


(“Sorry, I’m Busy”)



Continually Connected

We live in a world where literally everyone is connected at all times.  Where a friend in Maui can snapchat a friend in Boston and receive a reply in a matter of seconds.  Where a girl from a small town can have a conversation with her favorite author who lives halfway across the globe.  Where a Grandma can skype her Granddaughter who is hundreds of miles away at school.  We live in a world where we don’t have to worry about keeping address books updated or look up a phone number in the phonebook.  Instead, we live in a world where everyone continually connected together by technology.

As I headed off to school last August, I grew increasingly concerned about keeping in contact with my friends from back home.  I had no doubt my best friend and I would keep up (our snap streak is currently 225 days), but I knew I had the tools to keep the people important to me close, thanks to social media and messaging apps and that if I wanted to keep in touch I had to use them.  If it weren’t for these tools, I honestly think I wouldn’t still talk to some people.  It just makes it so much easier to communicate with each other.  Gone are the days of telegrams and letters.  Today, a quick text is all you need.  I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t send something to my three best friends. We share what we’re doing, crying over, and complain to eachother 24/7.  We’ve even binged watched Fuller House together over skype.  Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.34.10 AM

(Lexi knows about my entire life despite being over 900 miles away)

Over Spring Break, I must’ve sent over 500 Snaps, texts, tweets, and facebook posts to my group of friends from school.  It was practically like we weren’t even apart despite the hundreds of miles that sat between us.  I feel very privileged to have these tools avaliable to us to keep us together when we are in three different states.  I’m thankful that I don’t have to send cheesey jokes via the pony express and await a response for weeks on end.  I’d go crazy.  I forget what I sent on snapchat three minutes ago, how in the world could I go three weeks without remembering what I sent!


Im also very grateful for the opportunity social media technology has given me to reconnect with old friends.  After Junior year, I lost touch with one of my really good friends as we both were leading super busy lives: she was swimming 40 hours a week, and i was running our DECA chapter. On a random Thursday, I received a notification that it was her birthday.  Of course I sent her a quick little note followed up with a direct message asking if she wanted to meet up for frozen yogurt to catch up.  We met up later that night and laughed until we cried over random stories.  I’m so very very thankful that we could reconnect through facebook! Who knows, without it we would’ve never talked again and we would both completely lose an amazing friendship.

I frequently take for granted all that social media and technology has done for communication.  I feel so so lucky to be able to communicate with my friends with just a click of a button and for allowing me to be with them even when I’m hundreds of miles away.  It’s a true blessing to be continually connected.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Gifs on Social Media

I’m no stranger to using gifs in my social media, text messages, or emails (don’t believe me ask my DM team and my last blog post).  I just find them to be a creative and funny way to add some humor to your online presence and stir up a little fun online!  (Also they remind me of wizard photographs in Harry Potter which makes me love them even more).  But enough about why I use gifs, lets talk about why YOU should be using them!

  1. They’re Easy to Share and Consume

They’re animated unlike normal photographs and shorter and easier than inserting a video.


2. They’re Funny! 

Good humor spreads quickly and goes viral fast!


3. They’re trendy.  ‘Nuff said


4. They enable you to connect with your followers in a new way and convey emotions much better than photos.  

There is a reaction gif for literally EVERYTHING.



(I connect with this gif on an emotional, spiritual, and personal level.)

5. They’re easy to find and use


6. Movement attracts attention. 

Its kinda like the shiny thing.  It moves and captures your attention.

635779523548271692-72022075_don't look at me.gif

7. Not that many people use them.  Stand out!



(Get on it while its cool)

8. They add a little personality to your content. 

Sure, your page is your own, but with gifs, they’re even more your own!


9. They’re universal! Everyone can relate to a good gif. 

I’m sure we’ve all felt like this at one point or another.


10.  Because they’re just plain funny as heck!

Show me one person who didn’t laugh at this.  Thats right.  Its impossible.


So yeah! Next time you make a post, try to include a gif.  It’ll be a unique, clever, and trendy way to communicate with your followers and friends.

My Social Media Use Feat. Ryan Reynolds Gifs

To say that I am a social media addict is quite an understatement. I’m on it practically every waking moment of my day. I’m constantly checking my Twitter feed, tumblr dashboard, Instagram, and Snapchat. I’ve gotten to a point where I can have three different conversations with the same person at the same time on different platforms. My top three most used social media platforms are Tumblr, Twitter, and Snapchat

Holy guacamole! Tumblr is by far my favorite social media site ever since I signed up in 2012.  My blog has literally been a diary of all my pop culture obsessions since then. It’s seen my obsessive marvel comics phase, my defend pop punk and band appreciation phase, and the cringe worthy Sherlock days *shudders*. I spend roughly 85% of my social media time on tumblr either scrolling through my dashboard or checking out my tracked tags.  Ever since they redesigned the dashboard functions, I’ve primarily used the mobile app enabling me to reblog cute pictures of sloths, pizza, or rare pepes from virtually everywhere.  My blog allows me to have my own corner of the internet where I can truly represent who I am and what my interests are. The only thing it’s missing is an autotagging feature. You have to individually add tags to a post to organize your blog and add comments that won’t be seen on the original reblogged post. I’d like to be able to blog without having to manually add tags to each of my posts (usually around 210 a day). But that won’t stop me from using it. Tumblr has practically become part of my identity. If I could, I would marry Tumblr for sure.


(“We’re practically married already” -my blog probably)


I’ll admit it.  I was kind of late on the twitter bandwagon, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with it.  I’m not a “Hey Im doing this cool thing” Twitter user.  I use Twitter for everything: expressing my emotions, documenting life changing experiences, trying (and failing) to get celebrities to notice me, and talking about tv shows.  I find myself using both the web based platform and the mobile platform equally and extremely often.  I think I check my feed like three times an hour.  Honestly, the only thing I would change about Twitter is switching out the like button for the favorite button.  This is twitter not facebook.  And also, no shame, I kind of love to watch the subtweets and drama go down.


(I saw that subtweet OUCH)


Going to school over 9 hours away from your best friend is the worst.  I mean yeah, we have so many ways to communicate, but we don’t get to see eachother everyday.  But with snapchat, we can!  I love sending snaps to my friends with horrible captions, faces, and doodles.  I have zero chill with Snapchat and am not afraid to double, no, triple snap you.  My Snapscore is over 50,000 and my highest streak is over 190, so you could definitely say I spend quite a big chunk on time on the app.  I just wish their “facetiming” feature was a little more developed and you didn’t have to keep your finger on the screen.  To me, Snapchat is like this gif of Ryan Reynolds and a puppy, where I am Ryan Reynolds and my friend’s snaps are the puppy.  There is no difference.  tumblr_lof9uaSWJU1qbet6no1_r1_500.gif

If you ever need to find me, try contacting me on one of these social media sites first.

PR Couture for the Non-Couture

Let me preface this post by saying I am not a fashion junkie.  I am the farthest thing from a fashion junkie.  If I could, I would live my entire life in a skinny jeans and a band tee.  But just because I don’t like fashion doesn’t mean I cant like the fashion centric blog PR Couture.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.00.16 PM.png

PR Couture’s founding blogger, Crosby, is a fashion Brand Strategist, PR Professional, and e-Marketing specialist blogs about everything from fashion podcasts to how to host media dinners.  Crosby places a heavy emphasis on professional social media presence with tips for professionals and casual users alike.  She even has an online social media course readers can participate in!

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.19.26 PM.png

Crosby’s background in brand management and PR really shine through in her weekly fashion media review posts.  She can really tell what makes a poor ad versus what makes a great ad just by evaluating the message its sending.   Her posts take on a very “how to” vibe which can be very helpful to newcomers in the industry.  Her writing style is definitely engaging and fun to read while still being professional.

Something definitely unique about PR Couture is that it hosts job listings and professional development tools for virtually every trendy PR and Marketing job every!

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.30.59 PM.png

One of my favorite of Crosby’s post is I’ve Graduated With My PR Degree, Now What? As a student pursuing a degree in Marketing and PR, this post really shed some light on what opportunities and exciting adventures lie ahead of me after I graduate.

The only thing I don’t like about Crosby’s blog is that it is sometimes too fashion heavy for me.  Again, Id be totally fine living my life in jeans and band tees with the occasional nice outfit sprinkled in.  Crosby blogs about all the high end brands I could only dream of affording.  Its almost to a point where the entire post becomes un-relatable!

Overall, I really do think PR Couture does a great job of blending together the worlds of fashion blogging and PR blogging into a wonderful smoothie of trendy-ness.  I’ll definitely be bookmarking this one!

Awkward Joke of the Week: How did the farmer mend his pants? With cabbage patches!



Comment #1

Genuinely Trying to Be More Interesting by Alison Lea


“I really like the tip about using quotes too! I think you can find some really good ones to relate to the content of each post and they’ll definitely help to reel readers in! Elena’s tips are really helpful and I can totally see myself following them too.”

Comment #2

Social Media Haze by Miss Haley Jean


“I totally agree that we create our ideal image online and distort other’s views to have them look at us more favorably. (Also the Spongebob Gif is literally me 24/7)”

Comment #3

Social Media Overload by Whitney Misfeldt


“I use twitter in much the same way! Sometimes I use it as a pillow to scream in on the internet or a way to talk to a celebrity I would normally never have the opportunity to. I also use pintrest in a similar manner. I spend little stints of time sporadically searching for crafting or art inspiration to get inspirations for really cool diys.”

Comment #4

10 Signs You’re a Public Relations Major by Griffin Rasche


“This made me laugh so hard because its completely true! The gifs are literally me while pursuing my degree! And don’t worry, #1 is me every single time I go home and explain to friends/family/everyone else.”


Comment #5

Top 5 Ways to Use Your PR Skills to Get Closer To Your Crush by MacKenzie Taylor

“I LOVE this post! I’m definitely guilty of being super duper awkward around my crush and I never thought I could apply what I was learning in class to my social life! I’ll definitely take the “proofread your life” tip to heart and start to edit my life so I don’t sound as incredibly awkward ever again!”


Comment #6

Its Time to Stop Blaming Millennials by Moira S.

“I LOVE this post! I get so much criticism from my grandparents about how dependant we are on technology and its definitely a product of our time. You nailed it and put all my thoughts into words.”

10 Out 10 Would Reccomend

There are over 152 million blogs blogosphere, and to pick just one to evaluate was practically impossible!  Theres a blog for everything, and anything.  Theres Alter the Press for music, Our Awesome Planet for travel, and of course The Disney Parks Blog for all things Disney.  But I guess, if I have to pick one I’d pick …..The Everywhereist.  The Everywherist is a little bit of everything, which is exactly why I love it so much!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.22.24 PM

Travel blogger Geraldine visits every corner of the globe.  Her blog centers around her and her husband’s travels, forgetting to sleep, eating cake, quirky tips and tricks for the international travelers, and WTF Wednesdays where she goes off into random tangents about weird things she’d notice throughout her week (my favorite was the one about ordering a chicken suit on Amazon.)

As teenager with an incurable desire to travel anywhere and everywhere, Geraldine’s blog is a window to the world I have yet to get the opportunity to explore.  I love how she injects awkward humor into her posts.  I absolutely LOVE the way she organizes her site in categories like “Cupcake Death Match” and “Somewhat Useful Info” because those tags are witty and helpful especially when trying to navigate for a funny cupcake post I want to show a friend  from July.

Another thing that I really love about her blog is how honest and real her blogging style is.  Her posts don’t sound like she is making her life out to be more than it actually is. They remind me of a conversation with a good friend, where you can share silly stories (like the one where you decide its a good idea to order a chicken suit off of Amazon) one minute and then deeply personal pour-your-heart-out ones the next.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.30.28 PM

The only thing I don’t like about Geraldine’s blog is the page navigation coded within her theme.  When you click on the last page number, the button for the next page number is like three numbers away from the page number that you were just on.  I.E. if I had clicked on the last page number button seven, the page would reload and the button for the next last page would be 10.  Its nothing major, but its frustrating to me.
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 6.10.58 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-03 at 6.13.40 PM

(See what I mean!?!)

I definitely want to draw some inspiration from her blog and infuse some of her stylings into my own.  I’ll definitely be looking to write my posts in a similar conversational and relaxed tone while dealing with all subjects.  Geraldine is a pro at injecting witty humor into her posts while still maintaining a professional appearance.  Much like her, I hope to have a good mix of serious and silly posts on my blog.  Yah know, one day I’ll post about the “Biggest PR blunders of 2015”, and then the next “15 Toppings to Put On Your Toast That Will Change Your Life!”.

You’ll never know what you’re gonna get here, but you can count on some quality awkward jokes coupled with legitimate content.

I’d like to thank Geraldine, and all the other awesome bloggers behind some of my favorite blogs for giving me inspiration for what is to come and what I can make out of this project.

Awkward Joke of The Week:

Q: What do you call a dangerous burrito?

A: Gangster wrap.